Three-dimensional knitted panel pre-forms and uppers for fashion and footwear

About us
We are a leading company in the fashion sector, mainly designing, developing and producing three-dimensional uppers and knitted panel pre-forms for footwear.
The company began in 1997 at a small town called Lucrezia di Cartoceto on the initiative of Norma Aniballi, still the owner as of today, having previously gained valuable experience in the field of high fashion.
All types of products (uppers, panels, various samples) are designed, developed and produced entirely within the company by our highly specialized team of craftsmen.
For over 20 years, our company has been active in the research, development and prototyping of knitwear items in the luxury sector.
As a pioneer in Italy since the end of 2012, we have been developing and including three-dimensional knitted uppers and panels for both bags and backpacks in our product range, making full use of the skills gained in the previous 15 years since the company’s founding.
Today, this product line now forms our core business.
We produce three-dimensional knitted uppers in a wide range of styles including ballet flats, court shoes, slip-on shoes, espadrilles, moccasins, cowboy boots and house slippers.
We make our uppers by first carefully selecting the very best materials available. The final result embodies the care and attention we apply to every single step in the production.
Panel pre-forms
Production samples
We produce trade samples and a small range in knitwear.
We have an excellent, functional prototype department with highly capable technicians equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.
As a company we are constantly carrying out research and evolving. We produce multiple variations before creating actual models in line with our customers’ specific needs.
Output of the highest quality is also guaranteed through the use of select, eco-sustainable and certified materials. Punctual delivery times are ensured thanks to the help of production facilities capable of carrying out important orders.
Over the past two years we have followed a policy of growth and environmental sustainability.
We wish to excel in this field, believing that ethics and profit should go hand in hand, since long-term economic, social and environmental development are interdependent. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact by choosing eco-sustainable, raw materials and constantly monitoring performance by complying with current legislation while focussing on innovation and R&D.
In particular, with a view to reducing our environmental impact, we use clean energy sources. Our production facility is, in fact, equipped with an efficient 60 kWh photovoltaic system with storage batteries and a geothermal system to heat, cool and produce hot water in a sustainable way.
In the products we deliver to our customers, we source non-polluting raw materials in compliance with increasingly restrictive legislation regarding chemical substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. Sustainability is only possible from a collaborative perspective, therefore we are constantly looking for partnerships with innovative companies that share the same values for protecting the environment and people alike.
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